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Unlocking the Future of Decentralized Autonomous Corporation

About the platform

Governance and rewards

At Edgeverse DAO, we believe in a future where decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) play a central role in shaping a more inclusive and transparent world. Our mission is to provide the tools and platform for communities to govern themselves, foster innovation, and drive meaningful change. EDGV, our native governance token, ensures that your stake is your say.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the Edgeverse DAO community, where holding EDGV tokens empowers your voice in decentralized decision-making, fosters connections with a passionate community, and allows you to earn rewards through staking.

How it works
Vote and participate in major decisions

EDGV can receive governance tokens, which grant them decision-making power in the platform’s governance processes. 


These are ideas or changes suggested by the community.

Votes submitted

Users express their support or opposition to proposals by casting their votes, typically using tokens.


The outcome of the voting process determines whether a proposal is accepted or rejected, shaping the platform's rules and policies.

Earn Rewards

Earn special rewards for participating in

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For Developers

A better digital Economy

Developers can submit their projects to the DAO treasury for potential funding, seeking support and resources to bring their innovative ideas to life within the decentralized ecosystem.

For investors

How to participate

Participate in governance by holding EDGV tokens, sharing your ideas, and connecting with like-minded individuals passionate about decentralization.